The First Art - Cosmetics

Collaboration of domestic and foreign designers

Seatree-art offers a limited edition of design series in a cooperation with designers,
models, and artists to present ingenious and artistic items.
Art works from 9 foreign and domestic artists have been released as a
collaborated limited edition. Seatree-art promotes a specialty in moisturizing
effect in which beauty-care with the value of possession is enough to touch
consumer’s sensation.
The primary example is seatree-art’s steam cream. A steam emulsification technique is used to generate this moisturizing line of steam cream just for a starter.


A new concept cream that can help your skin become the brightest tone. As soon as you
use it , your skin will feel the natural brightening effect.

whitening functional product, Without alcohol, pigment, nutrition supplication, melanin care,skin tone care


Powerful moisturizing watery cream with shea butter melted by steam and vegetable oil ingredient present soft and moist skin

Steam Emulsification Technique


14 Free system & Skin Sensitivity Test Result

Vegetable Oil 6 COMPLEX

Natural Herb Complex & Swiss Alpine Herb

White Flower Complex

Donkey Water Drop Cream

Donkey milk relieves skin and maintains youthful skin; at the moment you apply on the skin, bubble pops and moistens your skin.

- Essential fatty acid, vitamin, immunoglobulin included
- Effective for elasticity, antioxidant, activating component
- Effective for skin trouble and skin reliever


Low Stimulating Soothing Line! It protects skin that is as sensitive as a glass barrier from external irritancy

Moisture Steam Dual Lip Balm

Heart-shaped dual lip balm series promotes skin moistness and liveliness with rich amount of moisture~
Heart-shaped tint lip balm promotes liveliness and jelly lip balm promotes moistness via rich nutrients and moisture.

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