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Thoughts and attitudes that can impress people around the world with a Korean style product
Patience and effort to amaze our customers through reliable product development and pursuit of honest profit
Kind-hearted and humble mind that cares for marginalized neighbors by making an honest profit


Creativity: A product, combined with function and design that amaze customers
Honesty: A product created after a hard work and efforts rather than fake and imitation
Reality: A product that meets the needs of customers instead of the company


Increase in value of Korea: A company introducing the potential of Korea
Honest survival: A company proving that a reliable company can survive for a long period
Giving back to society: A company respects and values life and always shares and gives something back to society

Leg Beauty Series : Functional correction leggings co-developed by the Mizline research team and plastic surgeon
Mizline Solution Series : Female beauty product co-developed by the Mizline research team and plastic surgeon
Mizline Blue : Fashion socks brand of Mizline to complete your trendy style.

Korean plastic surgeon recommends Mizline for you!

Mizline is beauty solution brand for the women who want to have slim and beautiful legs.
Based on consistent research about women’s concerns, Mizline life typed pressing pantyhose
and leggings products are created by joint development with famous plastic
surgeons. Our products present imposing and beautiful lines and our product are beloved
widely around the world. We will constantly strive to become a global beauty brand that
can blossom worldwide women’s beauty.


“You can be beautiful enough without plastic surgery.”
Can you imagine the No. 1 solution suggested to get lovely legs by the plastic surgeon of is
pantyhose, rather than surgery?
Plastic Surgeon Choi In Kwon at one of the most famous plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam.
Whenever he sees women, he often scans their legs for a while. An amazing legendary
story has started from such a problematic glance vulnerable to misunderstanding.
As Choi In Kwon’s top-notch authority in plastic surgery of women’s legs has invited many
patients from overseas, his solution has solved many women’s worries about their leg lines
and had them regain their confidences. The surgeon ’s philosophy has always been 'a little
more'.Mizline presents an outcome of company’s deliberation to find a way to show off
beautiful legs more conveniently without a blind surgical procedure.

Project with JunNam University

"Mizline makes continuous efforts to produce efficient
and safe products with best quality by teaming up with Chonnam National University for
academic-industrial research and development. ."

Pressure of five stages optimized for Asian women

Complementing problems of leggings tailored to the bodies of Western women,
We developed a product tailored to the body lines of Korean females.

Compared with general pantyhose (the Company’s products),
Leg Beauty Correction Leggings has five times more compression to the thighs,
three times more compassion to the calves, and two times more compression to the ankle.

The leg Beauty correction legging shows larger compression force compared to the general stocking (Mizline’s products) by about 5-times for thigh, 3-times for calf and twice for ankle.

Test result of the clothing modeling institute of the Chonnam university The institute of clothing modeling of Chonnam national university led by professor, Do Wol Hee is an organization holding a patent on the compression standard of the compression leggings configured to fit the body dimension of Korean people. In additions to the publication of a variety of theses both at home and abroad, students from the department of clothing of Chonnam university studying together also have been attracting international attention by distinguishing themselves in the textile contests held both at home and abroad. With the publication of thesis in the academic conference of international scale and winning a best paper award, the research results of the clothing modeling institute of the Chonnam University attracts attention.


Mizline sales status [Domestic ]

Mizline product distributors (domestic)

Mizline sales status (overseas)

Park, HaSun’s
leg beauty secret

Actress is not perfect in all aspects.
No one is born with her body beauty.
It takes a lot of efforts to be in good shape.
However, I have my own special secret
for a special day to take pictorial.
Have you ever heard an “actress’ leggings”?
The solution is to invest in Leggings
I don’t wear any kinds of leggings
I was humiliated due to a plump-looking of lower body a few times
Through an agony of many trials and errors,
I finally found the best leggings
It is Leg Beauty Correction Leggings that I found.
Because the product makes gradual beauties with five-stage pressure,
I have had confidence as a woman and an actress in front of the camera.
This is why the product is called an actress’ leggings
An essential item on a special day, the product is my secret in my own legs’ beauty.

Let's Hip-Up Leggings

Added with a hip-up girdle function around the hips parts, the
product is a product of functionality that can produce a stylish,
convenient body parts from the hips to the ends of legs.
Leg Beauty Hip-up Pantyhose/Leggings(Ankle Length) is a diet wear
of a new concept containing patented functional powder that help
you reduce body fat because the far infrared heat stimulates body fat
and promotes blood circulation. In addition, the product contains
antimicrobial Phytoncide authorized by Food and Drug Administration
so that it is effective for treatment, deodorization, and stress relief.
Applied with scientific pressure levels developed in collaboration with
cosmetic surgeons, the product provides a stress-free correction
effect and compression effect that are not burdensome for a daily life,
and make you feel excellent elasticity and soft fitting sense because
the product is made with flexible high multi-covering yarn.
Our unique hologram combining a QR code with a rand number has
strengthened genuine product certification.

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